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Some Websites I've designed/worked on:

Women Horse Owners Association - A club of People (generally Women) that are interested in horses, networking, socializing and education that meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at various places near Rosemont, Ontario - also known as WHOA.

Nottawasaga Valley Veterinary Hospital - A Veterinary Office that specializes in small animals, particularly dogs & cats owned by Dr. Angela Halbert who is also a member of WHOA.

Interview Assist - a website that is owned by PeopleFit Inc, that helps small to medium size businesses with Interviewing Skills by having a Database of Questions that are categories by qualities of competancies that are desired for a particular position.

peoplefit inc

University of Toronto History Curriculum - a database of all of the courses offered by the History Department at the University of Toronto that allows the Administrators to keep track of who is teaching what, where and when for each Term or Year.

Woodbridge Advertiser - a internal database that keeps track of all Auction entries in the weekly paper that helps with the calculations of amounts owed by the Auctioneers.

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My Boys and some of our Pets

cindy and casey  eddie and twilight lilly


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